Kelp Gull

Larus dominicanus


This adult Kelp Gull was present but very elusive in St. John’s in December 2016. It is the only record for Newfoundland, and among the most far-flung records of this Southern Hemisphere species in the world. Possibly the same bird was recorded in Nova Scotia the following year. (Photo: Alvan Buckley, December 25 2016)

Status: Very Rare (<5 records)

Origins: Occurs primarily in the Southern Hemisphere (including South America, the Antarctic Peninsula, southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand and points between). It is a very occasional breeder further north and a rare visitor to North America.

Record Details:  One record for Newfoundland: An adult was first photographed (but not immediately identified) at Quidi Vidi Lake, St. John’s on December 23 2016. It was relocated very briefly in the following two days (December 24-25) before disappearing completely.

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