Sandwich Tern

Thalasseus sandvicensis

This Sandwich Tern landed on a seismic ship on the Grand Banks on June 27, 2008 – only the third record for Newfoundland.
– Photo: Bruce Mactavish (June 27, 2008)

Status: Rare (Less than Annual)

Origins: Breeds in temperate regions along the Atlantic coasts of North America (north to Virginia), Europe and Africa as well as the Pacific coast of North America.

Record Details: Eleven records for Newfoundland: (1) Bellevue, July 19, 1989; (2) St. Vincent’s Beach, November 2, 2005 (following hurricane Wilma); (3) offshore vessel on the Grand Banks, June 27, 2008; (4) one found dead on a fishing boat off the Avalon Peninsula in July 2008 (details scarce); and (5) one at Renews from June 30 – July 2, 2013. Presumably the same bird was observed at St. Vincent’s on July 13-14, 2013. (6) An individual first seen at Renews on July 27, 2016 was likely the same bird found at St. Vincent’s the following two days (July 28-29, 2016). (7) An individual discovered at Bellevue on August 15, 2016 was considered to be different than the one seen at Renews/St. Vincent’s two weeks earlier. (8) A breeding plumaged bird was reported (and distantly photographed) at Codroy Valley Provincial Park on June 25, 2018. (9-10) Individuals were reported from Stephenville Crossing (September 9 2019) and  JT Cheeseman Provincial Park (September 11 2019) in the days following the passage of Hurricane Dorian. (11) A more far-flung individual was present at Witless Bay from September 11-14 2019 – also part of the Hurricane Dorian fallout.

* NOTE – This website is not an official account and “may” contain incorrect information and/or details of unconfirmed records. *

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