Bird⋅The⋅Rock specializes in custom bird & nature tours in Newfoundland (akathe rock“). Whether you are here for a day or looking for a week-long adventure; exploring on your own or planning for a group — we have you covered!

Bird⋅The⋅Rock can provide unique guided tours, designed just for you … or can help plan self-guided adventures that will take you where you want to go (even if you don’t know where that is yet!).

Bird⋅The⋅Rock tours can be as focused or flexible as you need. With a deep knowledge of local birds, nature, culture and history, our tours cater to everyone … from hardcore birding adventures to well-rounded itineraries that provide a taste of it all.

Explore the website or contact Bird⋅The⋅Rock to find out more …

Testimonial: Birding Newfoundland with Jared Clarke was simply one of the best trips my wife and I have taken in all our years of birding. Jared is a great birder and a personable guide with a clear commitment to sharing Newfoundland’s wildlife with his guests. Whether we were stalking a Yellow-bellied flycatcher through dense woods or tracking a Willow Ptarmigan across the tundra in the rain, Jared’s willingness to go the extra distance was the difference between seeing the usual suspects and spotting several once-in-a-lifetime birds. And I must add that as an ambassador for his homeland, Jared’s observations on the food, culture and history of Newfoundland rounded out our wonderful trip. We certainly plan to return and would recommend Bird⋅The⋅Rock to anyone interested in discovering Newfoundland.
– MM & CM (2013)

11 thoughts on “Bird⋅The⋅Rock

  1. My wife and I birded the Avalon Peninsula with Jared and had a wonderful two days. We saw all our major ‘target’ birds and many others as well. Jared is a fountain of knowledge about all aspects of Newfoundland natural history and was a great guide. I highly recommend Bird-the-Rock to anyone traveling to Newfoundland.

  2. Jared: Not only are you a first rate birder with incredible hearing, you are a stellar photographer. Your photos brought the beauty of the whole trip right back!

  3. Jared – thank you for the recent 4-day birding tour of the Avalon. Everything was great and as advertised. No hesitation in recommending you to anyone considering a visit to Newfoundland. And everyone should go to Newfoundland at least once. Tom & Jenny Jackman, ONTARIO.

  4. My son and I took 2 different tours in the summer of 2018 and I would not hesitate to recommend this company to others. We had a great time – there is something for everyone and my non-birder son enjoyed it as well. Jared is extremely knowledgeable about birds as well as other aspects of Newfoundland natural history!

  5. I visited Newfoundland, with my husband and son, this summer for the first time. Jared took us on a guided tour on St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve. My son, a young birder, before the tour , came home so excited about what he had learned and seen with Jared started his own birder’s book to track all the birds he sees. What a great impression he left on our son. All of us felt that this tour with Jared was the highlight our trip!

  6. Cape St. Mary’s tour – July 21 2019
    My two sisters and I were in Newfoundland for the first time this summer and one of the highlights for us was taking this tour with Jared. We learned so much about the province, the birds and the plants we saw. A long but enjoyable drive from St. Johns, the tour itself and the picnic lunch before the drive back to our door could not have been better. The day went very fast but we have many pictures to remember it by. Thanks Jared!

  7. Three of us from Washington State (the Willettes) found Jared and The Rock when we were exploring ways to see Dovekies. Newfoundland is almost on the other side of the world from our homes in western Washington, and it truly was a different world this winter. Jared put Dovekies first priority, and we had them at our very first stop at Cape Spear and many other spots after that! Life birds and new knowledge of a far flung province, as well as surprises like Willow Ptarmigan and caribou, made this an unforgettable trip for us. Ask Jared anything about Newfoundland, and he will know the answer! He’s an incredible fount of information and very proud of his roots there. We just loved him!

  8. I saw your great skua pics on eBird and realized that you were featured in this summers Birdwatch Canada. You are definitely on my bucket list

  9. Took a day tour to Cape St. Mary’s during a family vacation in St. John’s. It was a fun and memorable experience – tons of birds and some great views. Jared has a wealth of knowledge about the area and local wildlife. Highly recommended!

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