Other (Bird-related) Writings & Musings

Here is a list of some other writings and musings I’ve had over the years … some of them published, some of them languishing in the dungeon of my computer files

Jared Goes to Finland: A (mostly) birding blog from my 9-month visit to Finland in 2005.

Rare Asian Gull Discovered in Lewisporte: A local newspaper article about my discovery of a Slaty-backed Gull in my hometown of Lewisporte, NL !!

Common Ringed Plovers in Newfoundland: A North American Birds article (by Dave Brown and myself) regarding four Common Ringed Plovers recorded in 2006 and their identification.

Thayer’s Gull in St. John’s (2006): An unpublished discussion about a (probable?) adult Thayer’s Gull recorded in St. John’s in March 2006.

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