Checking in from New Brunswick …

Despite the lack of updates recently, I’ve been busy birding. In fact, maybe that’s why I haven’t been updating the blog 😉

Jody Allair (of Bird Studies Canada fame) and I have been co-leading an exciting bird tour in New Brunswick for the past week … just two more days left, and we’ve been burning it up with 126 species of birds! Check out some of the highlights at Jody’s Twitter feed (@JodyAllair).

I’ll post a summary of the tour next week.

“Killing time” … with a Killdeer

My sister had been telling me recently about a Killdeer family hanging out near the barn in Logy Bay where she keeps her horse. Figuring it was a good opportunity to photograph one of these fun shorebirds, I tagged along as she went to take care of her stable chores a couple weekends ago. Sure enough, one of the adults was hanging out in the field just behind the barn, and the young ones (no longer downy) were grazing not far away. I set myself up on the ground in the corner of the field where they were, hoping they might get used to me and wander over. After an hour or so (with plenty of mediocre photos in the meantime), the adult was walking and standing within metres of me. The light was harsh but once she got at the right angle and away from the taller grass, it was magic. The young ones had disappeared over the crest of a small hill, but no complaints. It’s not every day I get to spend quality time with such a classy bird (even if she did look a little ratty after weeks of raising a family!).

Thanks, sis.

KILL_July20_0567 KILL_July20_0787 KILL_July20_1067 KILL_July20_1115