Guided Excursions


Intense, two-day birding blitzes  ⋅  Leisurely, week-long nature tours  ⋅  Family excursions with a mix of nature, history, culture & scenery.

CBNTAre you an independent nature-lover who doesn’t care for “cookie-cutter” experiences?

Bird⋅The⋅Rock offers a broad range of unique, guided tours. We work with you to design custom tours that cater to your needs – where you want to go, what you want to see, and for however long you need. Whether you are alone or planning for a group; interested only in birding or a well-rounded mix of birds, nature and local culture – Bird⋅The⋅Rock has the experience and knowledge to help make your visit to Newfoundland a fantastic one!

Contact Bird⋅The⋅Rock for more information or to start planning your trip now.

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