Spring & Summer 2021

Bird⋅The⋅Rock will be offering our most popular single and multi-day tours (along with custom opportunities) starting June 1! This year, all tours will be private bookings (up to 8 people) with self-driving or transportation provided options available. All COVID-19 precautions will be observed, and we are happy to discuss these at any time.

Seabirds & Songbirds of the Northeast Avalon

ATPU_June27_0732This tour begins with a morning birding in a variety of songbird habitats, searching out gems such as Boreal Chickadee, Fox Sparrow, Yellow-bellied Flycatcher and numerous species of warbler – among many others. In the afternoon, we take a boat tour of Witless Bay Ecological Reserve which is home to more than 4 million seabirds – including North America’s largest Atlantic Puffin colony, thousands of Common Murre, Black-legged Kittiwake, and Razorbill. And of course, we may also encounter whales.   (Tour includes optional transportation, boat tour and picnic style lunch. Please contact for specifics.)

Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve

No visit to Newfoundland is complete without a visit to Cape St. Mary's. Despite some heavy fog (which, to be honest, is part of the experience there!) we enjoyed amazing views of the Northern Gannet colony.

This tour is a day-trip to visit the majestic Northern Gannet colony at Cape St. Mary’s, where 30,000 of these beautiful birds nest atop a towering sea stack and nearby cliffs.  We will also enjoy the thousands of other seabirds at this site, including Black-legged Kittiwake, Common Murre and the world’s southernmost breeding Thick-billed Murre. We will look for Horned Lark, American Pipit and other songbirds on the beautiful sub-arctic tundra, as well as other wildlife and unique wildflowers. Willow Ptarmigan, raptors and possibly Woodland Caribou may be spotted along the way. Several short stops will be made during our drive to stretch our legs and look for boreal songbirds.    (Tour includes optional transportation and picnic style lunch. Please contact for specifics.)

Birding on the Edge (of Avalon)


This  two-day tour explores one of Newfoundland’s most rare and special places – the sub-arctic barrens of the southeast Avalon Peninsula. We will search for tundra birds such as Willow Ptarmigan, Horned Lark and migrating Whimbrel. Seabirds such as Atlantic Puffin, Black Guillemot and Razorbill can be found nesting along the rugged coast and towering cliffs. Sheltered patches of forest and tuckamore are home to hardy songbirds such as Boreal Chickadee, Yellow-bellied Flycatchers and Gray Jays. And with any luck we may spot some of the world’s southernmost woodland caribou, moose or frolicking whales! We’ll enjoy a guided hike to the ancient fossils of Mistaken Point (UNESCO World Heritage Site), and visit two of the island’s most iconic lighthouses including Cape Race which played a prominent role in the final hours of the Titanic tragedy.  Read more here. (Tour includes optional transportation, Entry fee @ Mistaken Point, two picnic-style lunches, breakfast and one night accommodations in beautiful Trepassey. Please contact for specifics.)

* These tours can be combined for a comprehensive 4-day tour of the Avalon Peninsula.

Contact Bird⋅The⋅Rock for more information or to book your tour now.