Rarity Profiles: A New Feature …

Despite not updating the blog portion of this website in the past few weeks (really, there hasn’t been much to report!) … I have been working on a NEW FEATURE that I’m excited to tell you about!

As of now, there is a species profile available for each of the 90+ “very rare” birds that have been recorded in Newfoundland five or less times. Each species has its own page providing brief information about where those birds originate, details about their history and records in Newfoundland, and (for some) a photo or two.

Simply go to the CHECKLIST and click on the species name … I’m planning to expand these profiles to include less rare species in the not-too-distant future.

Having these records compiled and online is a great resource … and since this is a “living document”, it can and will be updated when new records are added. So, check it out and let me know what you think!

Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to let me use their photos (see each photo for credits), and to Bruce Mactavish for helping me fill in some of the record details.


By the way … We have been getting moderate to strong E/NE winds the past few days – the kind of trans-Atlantic winds that often bring European/Icelandic migrants to our shores in late April/early May (see my earlier post for more details). Keep checking back – rarity reports should be rolling in soon!

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