And the PINK-FOOTED GOOSE makes … 250!!

Wow! After not being seen for almost three weeks, I was shocked today when local birder Doug Smith reported seeing the PINK-FOOTED GOOSE at its original location in the Goulds!! It was seen again in the late afternoon in a nearby field, looking very content and settled as it milled about and grazed with local starlings. (Check out Bruce Mactavish’s blog for more details and photos of the latest sighting.)

Not only is this a major North American rarity (ABA Code 4), but it was only the second fall and now first winter record for Newfoundland. More importantly, according to my records, it is now the 250th species to have been recorded in Newfoundland during the “official” winter period (December thru February)!! This is a very impressive number considering our climate, location and the fact that the total number of species recorded here in any season is just 400.

To keep tabs on the Pink-footed Goose, check the “rarity round-up” page for updates … I’ll try to keep it as current as possible.

One thought on “And the PINK-FOOTED GOOSE makes … 250!!

  1. Hey, I just found your blog by googling pink footed goose newfoundland. I found the goose yesterday sitting on the side of the duck pond in bowring park near the peter pan statue, and by the end of my walk it had relocated to the bank by the road.

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