Collages & Charity Auctions

I’ve been doing very little birding the last little while, so not much to write about. I did make two trips to Portugal Cove South in search of a Tundra Swan that has been hanging out down there – coming up empty both times. Tundra Swan has only been recorded a handful of times in Newfoundland, and only twice in recent decades.

So, on a somewhat bird-related note: I was recently asked to donate a day of guided birding to a charity auction for the Newfoundland & Labrador Brain Injury Association (I serve on the Board of Directors – a position clearly more related to my academic life than to my birding!). I wanted something eye-catching to place on the auction table rather than a simple black & white certificate, so I tried out a couple new Photoshop techniques to put something together. The result is a simple collage of four of my photos taken in different seasons here on the eastern Avalon … text on the back of the collage will serve as the certificate for the auction winner. Let’s hope it draws at least a little interest!

AuctionCertSMIn other news, I’m starting to prepare for two back-to-back tours I’ll be leading later this month – one for Eagle Eye Tours, and another for Wildland Tours/Massachusetts Audubon. I always look forward to these tours – its a great way to meet interesting people, share the wonderful nature of my province, and get paid to do what I love most. Not a bad deal!

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