And the Winner is …

Our contest in over, and my lovely assistants (Emma & Leslie) picked a winner last night …

We went traditional, with names/numbers in a hat (well, a birdhouse, just for fun):

PickingaWinnerThe winner of a beautiful 16″x20″ gallery-wrapped canvas is Diane Burton (Glovertown, NL)!! Congratulations!!

TheWinnerDiane now has the difficult task of choosing which photo she would like to see hanging on her wall. To get started, she indicated her favourite birds are Owls, Northern Gannets, and Chickadees. With that in mind, here are a few of her initial options (plenty more available). Which might she choose??

Which would YOU choose??

Boreal Owls are definitely one of my favourite birds. They are known for visiting residential neighbourhoods in mid-winter, when deep snow has impacted their traditional hunting areas in "the bush". - Photo: Jared Clarke (February 6, 2014)


Boreal Chickadee

Northern Gannets arrive at Cape St. Mary's in May and stay until mid-September.


A typical view in rural Newfoundland.


A few expected species, like this Boreal Owl, might help this year's winter tally break an amazing record of 150 set just two years ago!!

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