Kowa Webinar Series: Birding on “TheRock”

Is a birding trip to Newfoundland & Labrador on YOUR bucket list?? Want to learn more about this fantastic destination?? Join me for this free webinar, hosted by Kowa Sporting Optics, on Saturday June 20th …




3 thoughts on “Kowa Webinar Series: Birding on “TheRock”

  1. Thank you for this special opportunity. We will be watching on Saturday. Our additional special request is to be updated as soon as we can re-activate our booking which was cancelled by mutual agreement due to weather. When you need something to look forward to, we chose Bird on the Rock. Bring it on. Dianne Keillor

    • Hi Scott. Thanks for asking …. Yes, it was recorded and is now available on both the Kowa Sporting Optics Facebook page and the “Kowa Webinars” YouTube page, so you can watch any time.

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