White-breasted Nuthatch

Sitta carolinensis

This female White-breasted Nuthatch was frequenting a backyard in St. Lawrence during November-December 2011 – the first and only record for Newfoundland.
– Photo: Jared Clarke (November 22, 2011)

Status: Very Rare (< 5 records)

Origins: Breeds across much of the United States and southern Canada, including the Maritime provinces. However, it is generally non-migratory and hence an unlikely vagrant to Newfoundland.

Record Details: Three records for Newfoundland. (1) The first was visiting a property in St. Lawrence (Burin Peninsula) for about three weeks (~November 10 until mid-December) in 2011. (2) The second was at a property in Sandy Cove (Eastport Peninsula) from April 22-30, 2013. Both were females, but appeared in photos to be different individuals. (3) The most recent was present in Pouch Cove April 28-29, 2021.

* NOTE – This website is not an official account and “may” contain incorrect information and/or details of unconfirmed records. *

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